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Red Light Camera Ticket Attorney

When you receive a Notice Of Violation that a camera caught you going through a red light, carefully examine the photo or video. If it’s obvious that you ran the red light then it may be wiser to pay the $158 fine within 30 days.

Red Light Camera Ticket Lawyer

The citation’s status is then rendered similar to that of a parking ticket and it is very unlikely that your insurance rates will be raised, and you’ll receive no points on your license. But this only applies if the photo or video clearly shows you driving past a red light. If you are uncertain or have any doubts, call us immediately. My Ticket Rx handles red light camera tickets statewide and offers a free consultation with a qualified traffic attorney. Be aware that if you allow the 30 day “window” to pass, Florida will convert the ticket to a Uniform Traffic Citation filed with the County Clerk’s office. The fine will be increased to more than $250 and there may likely be an increase in your insurance rates in addition to points on your license. Don’t let this happen to you. Call My Ticket Rx now for a free consultation with a qualified traffic attorney.

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