My Ticket Rx | Jacksonville, Florida

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My Ticket Rx | Jacksonville, Florida


You have the right to be represented by an attorney for your traffic ticket hearing and other traffic related cases

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My Ticket Rx focuses on defending drivers charged with civil and criminal traffic infractions. In counties throughout Florida, we push hard to get our clients’ tickets dismissed. If you received a ticket or were arrested as the result of a traffic stop, do not take any action until you speak to an attorney. Call immediately for a FREE CONSULTATION with a licensed attorney.

My Ticket Rx | Jacksonville, Florida
Due to COVID-19 and the demand for third party road testing, we are experiencing extremely high call volume. We are diligently answering all calls and voicemails, and we can assure you we have plenty of availability for lessons and testing! However, we ask that if you are in need of driving lessons or inquiring just about road testing, please feel free to use our chat feature or email us below. Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and understanding!